Stationsweg 2, 2675 AM Honselersdijk


Iron and metaltrading Wim de Voeght is an specialist in the process of all kind of metals. Partly by our location (Westland, near Rotterdam) we have grown to one of the biggest aluminium processors of The Netherlands. We have different manufacturers throughout Europe. Because of this international and direct method we have a strong position in the market. Our customers are guaranteed of an accurate and good price.


Containers can be placed throughout the whole country. We aim to change the container within 24 hours after call. Our containerpark contains at over 500 different sized containers. The size varies between 1 m3 till 40 m3.

Small demolition work

Besides the purchase and sale of iron and other metals, we also do small demolition work.

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Self service

When you have smaller kinds of iron or metal that you would like to sell, you could drop it off. You will find our address here. We arrange containers and transport for bigger amounts. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.


The transport of big quantities iron and metal are taking care of our own, modern fleet that satisfy all the latest environmental laws. Transport is possible within The Netherlands but also out of the country. We also ship seacontainers throughout the Rotterdam Harbour. We stand for a flexible, fast, trustable and service focused containertransport.

Modern machinery

During the process of all the metal we use a modern machinery. Your metals will be sorted and processed with different kind of machines in a trustable way. All the incoming products will be scanned at radioactivity at the check-in.